Need to Fill
your Sales Funnel
but can’t get
your reps to Prospect?

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We Think Cold Calling Sucks

There, we said it! And your Reps won’t do it.

The Cure for the Common Cold Call

You and everyone you know hates it and you're kidding yourself if you think your team does it well (or at all). We all agree that we need to fill the top of the funnel—and with more quality than quantity—but prospecting is grossly inefficient and it still sucks. Believe it or not, there's a better way. Stop the cold calls and start the warm fuzzy ones.


Every Sales Executives Dilemma:
Do More with Less

You need more revenue, but you can't hire more people. The reps you have certainly work hard, but maybe not as effectively or smartly as you would like. You need more leads. You need more opportunities. You need a way to make your reps more effective. The bottom line: you need to get more from what you have in a cost-effective manner.

Outsourced Selling Resources

We can Increase your Sales without
increasing your Headcount

Generating leads and closing sales remotely can be a real challenge.  Prospecting and attracting clients has dramatically changed in the past five years.  If you are still dialing for dollars, you’re likely struggling.  We can show you a more effective way to generate leads and revenue.  Reseller channel support is very similar.  We can provide sales support resources so you can increase your mind share, and your sales, but not increase headcount.

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