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About Top Gun Sales Performance

We work with organizations that are dedicated to the development and growth of their personnel. We help them define success and capture it in the form of tools and best practices. Always in collaboration, we are building your 

center of selling excellence. We focus on continued growth, not just one-time "rah-rah" sales training—because it doesn't work. We provide your team with tools and processes to facilitate increased performance.

Why did we choose the name “Top Gun”?

You may already know that there's a Topgun flight school, which is the US Navy's Advanced Weapons and Tactics School.  It's where the Navy trains its top pilots and it's not a place for the faint of heart.

The standard: Perfection.
The training: Exhaustive.

It combines intensive learning with hours of flight time, perfecting skills and techniques.

If you look beyond the surface, what you'll find is that Topgun is the premier center of excellence in adult education. Because in their world—just like in your world of complex selling—there are no points for second best.

There's much we admire about Topgun and a great deal we seek to emulate: the pursuit of perfection, 

the expectation of extensive knowledge, the repeated practice of sales techniques, excelling in presenting your strategic messaging, and closing the sale.

When your reps complete a Top Gun skill-building course, our goal is for them to be Top Gun Certified and ready to be the most elite and effective sellers in your industry. The US Navy spends an average of $4 million on a pilot over the course of his or her career. Good news: you won't spend nearly that much on your Top Gun Selling Professional!

Our Executive Team

Steve Osborne

Founder & CEO

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Steve's Profile

Steve is the founder and CEO of Top Gun. His passion for perfection is the driving force behind the company, and has evolved the business into the dynamic, rapidly growing customer-centric company that it is today. Steve's combination of technical ability, sales focus, and unrelenting drive, make him an invaluable business partner to his clients.

Steve epitomizes the classic entrepreneurial traits. He's a risk-taker, and an innovator. His extremely high expectations of himself, the Top Gun team, and the products and services the company provides to its clients drive world-class performance and quality. He's fond of saying: "The company is calledTop Gun Sales Performance. Not Kinda-Good Gun or Mediocre Gun. Our name sets our standard for us. There is a brand promise made every time we say it. It is a standard most companies cannot live up to, but we will. We have no choice.”

Under his leadership, Top Gun has grown into a 60+ employee, customer-centric company delivering results for some of the largest companies in the world, and the business continues to grow rapidly.

Steve is a former councilperson for the City of Mason.
He's active in the community in both philanthropic and governmental areas, and his daughters firmly believe he is the best dad in the world; which, of course, shows his tremendous selling ability.

Barry Gorsun


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Barry’s Profile

Barry joined Top Gun in 2013 as President of Top Gun Performance Solutions, bringing over 30 years of technology management and M&A success to the organization. He has held operational and executive management roles in both private and publicly traded technology companies and has a strong track record of driving business growth, profit, and success.

His most recent success was as CEO of MRV—a global, publicly traded optical communications and systems integration company—where he reorganized the company to focus on core competencies and sold off four of the five divisions. During his tenure, he worked with the board of directors to return four dividends to shareholders, completed a reverse stock split, and dramatically increased sales.

In his 15 years at Summa Four, Barry led the transformation of the company from a system development firm into a software switching systems company with revenues of over $150MM. He led the company through a successful acquisition by CISCO Systems, providing a critical component and customer base for CISCO's entry into the VOIP market.

Barry has also served as Managing Partner of boutique investment firm BayState Capital, and as a director on the board for numerous technology and non–profit organizations. He and his wife Gayle enjoy traveling and visiting family.

David Kessinger

Vice President of Operations

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David’s Profile

As President of Top Gun Sales Resources, Dave has an unmatched ability to make things happen for Top Gun and its clients. With more than three decades of expertise in sales, sales management, and sales consulting, he leads Inside Sales and Lead Generation teams to generating qualified, top quality leads that translate to millions of dollars in sales for Top Gun clients every year.

A big picture, results-oriented strategic thinker, he excels at working with clients and internal teams to realize outstanding results, often by addressing a challenge from a different point of view and developing an outside-the-box solution to seemingly insurmountable business challenges.

Dave also leads Operations for the entire Top Gun organization, and like many Operations executives, he has multiple roles. He views himself as a "fixer," and his trademark phrase "We can do that!" precedes many successful projects, including the 2012 acquisition, renovation, and move to the company's current state-of-the-art 68,000 square foot training facility, which also houses the Mason Tech Center business incubator.

As the President and General Manager of New Horizons Ohio Valley, Dave led strategy, sales, and operations for the computer training company in four regional markets, achieving record growth and profit levels before successfully leading the acquisition of the company by one of the largest New Horizons franchises in the US.

Before joining Top Gun in 2011, Dave led a successful sales and management consulting practice, helping clients identify objectives, challenges, and core competencies then used to develop ambitious but achievable growth strategies.

Dave and his wife Kat live in Cincinnati with their youngest son, a dog, and more cats than are strictly necessary.

Ephriam Swafford

Vice President of Sales

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Ephriam's Profile

Ephriam brings over 28 years of experience in a variety of marketing, sales, sales management, and executive management roles. In 2002 Ephriam was a Public Sector Segment Executive at a division within the IBM Corporation. This division managed the national business strategy for marketing personal computers and accessories within the United States.

In his role, Ephriam coordinated the development of a strategy and action plan that resulted in achieving sales revenue objectives up to $185m dollars annually for three consecutive years – (Education and Government Customers).

Ephriam is a former councilperson for the Village of Glendale. He serves as Church Administrator and Teen Sunday School Teacher for Christian Life Fellowship in Hamilton, Ohio, and is an active motivational speaker for Christian youth groups.

Ephriam and his wife Miceala Delgado resides in Glendale Ohio, they have 3 daughters and one son. Their biggest joy is taking family vacations and having planning sessions where each person will present their personal/professional goals in life.

Ephriam's motto is: (if you don't set your sails to head in a specific direction, the storms of life will take you somewhere you don't want to go!)

Tom Breitenbach

Vice President Learning & Development

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Tom’s Profile

With over 25 years of business experience at both large and small companies, Tom Breitenbach is the Vice President Learning & Development at Top Gun. Prior to joining Top Gun in 2014, Tom ran the sales learning and development function for a one billion dollar company in Dayton, Ohio and has been on the client-side of the training business. His unique experience that combines sales, sales management and sales performance development allows him to understand how to get peak performance from a sales organization through the establishment of a sales performance system that can be integrated into a company's technology (CRM), training, and ongoing management coaching.

Tom has trained thousands of salespeople and sales leaders in his career and understands how to apply the principles of adult learning to design and deliver training that achieves permanent, desired behavior change. Getting results that matter is Tom's passion and he is a master at taking sound strategies from development through execution, a skill that is not easily found in the business world. His favorite quote from General George S. Patton is his mantra, "A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.”

He also ran his own training, coaching, and consulting business and knows the sales challenges faced by companies of all sizes, from small to mid-size to large corporations, including the Cintas Corporation, WorkflowOne, Standard Register, and Anthem Inc.

Tom resides in Cincinnati with his wife and two sons. He has been a member of the Board of the Directors of the Warren County United Way and a lifelong resident of Cincinnati.”

Ryan Radaszewski

Vice President of Design and Development

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Ryan’s Profile

Ryan leads Top Gun's design and development teams, creating architecture, designing, and developing complex systems for time tracking, product registration, call center automation, and RMA assets management. He's also responsible for supporting over 30,000 mobile digital video units in the field, all collecting video and uploading the centralized servers, as well as for supporting nearly 5,000 digital signage screens receiving video from a central server.

Ryan's clear vision of the technology field, highly developed problem-solving skills, and user experience-focused design aesthetic help him identify key project and application requirements, develop specifications, and lead the execution of systems for Top Gun and Top Gun clients, delivering world-class systems that meet objectives quickly, efficiently, with top quality, and outstanding results.

His unique background blends marketing and IT expertise that has yielded outstanding results for organizations including State Farm Insurance, Teamwork Solutions, and, of course Top Gun Sales Performance and its clients.

Ryan and his wife have two small children and look forward to being able to sleep again at some point.

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